2 free class PROGRAM - what to expect


Burning Spirits Muay Thai 2 free class program is the perfect introduction for newcomers to either Muay Thai or Fitness Kickboxing. During these classes, you will learn basic techniques, and get an intense workout. You’ll learn about our class structure, our flexible schedule, and membership options available to you. 

Two small group lessons

Kickstart your journey with a personalized small group introductory lesson led by one of our experienced coaches. During these lessons, you’ll receive individual attention and guidance to ensure you grasp the fundamental principles of Muay Thai. Our knowledgeable coach will introduce you to the basic techniques, footwork, punching, kicks, and knees. helping you build a solid foundation for your training.

tour of Burning spirits muay thai

During your first class one of our coaches will show you how to login at the front desk for class. They will also show you around the gym. You will get to see our training area, full size boxing ring, heavy bags and training gear that we import from Thailand. We’ll also show you our weight room, shower and washrooms, and locker room. 

your goals

We want to make sure we’re the right school for you. At the end of your first class, we’ll ask you what are you looking for by joining a Muay Thai or Fitness Kickboxing program. Most students come to us to learn Muay Thai, get in shape, learn self defense, and join a community. Take some time before your first class to think about your goals.

membership options

At the end of your first class you will receive an information packet about our programs, and various membership options. This is for you to review between your first and second classes. At the end of your second class, we’ll review your goals. and which of our memberships will best meet your goals. You can see our memberships online.