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Get in the best shape of your life, learn authentic Muay Thai, and join a fun, beginner friendly community. For a limited time we're offering 2 FREE TRIAL CLASSES! Spots are limited, so secure your place today. Click the button below to get started.


From complete beginners to experienced Nak Muays, come train authentic Muay Thai, and Fitness Kickboxing with us here in Philadelphia. We offer a clean and well equipped facility, with a convenient schedule.


If your goal is to get in the best shape of your life, learn authentic Muay Thai, and gain self defense skills all while having fun, Burning Spirits Muay Thai Trial Program is the place to start!


Designed to ignite your passion for fitness and martial arts, our Fitness Kickboxing trial program offers a dynamic blend of high-intensity workouts, Muay Thai heavy bag training, and expert coaching.


Learn authentic Muay Thai here in Philadelphia from our coaches who have
trained and learned from some of the best trainers in Thailand. Our proven curriculum teaches you Muay Thai fundamentals. Graduate to our Advanced curriculum where you will learn even more, and develop your own style.


Fitness Kickboxing is an engaging fitness experience that combines Muay Thai technique with the modern fitness goals of strength, and endurance training.
It is a fun and effective way to improve physical health, mental focus, and overall well-being.


Amazing Gym. Caters to beginners and experts alike. Going beyond great workouts, you build confidence, meet some really cool people, and you feel both part of a community and a lineage. The coaches are fantastic. Burning Spirits is such a valuable gym in the neighborhood, I am so grateful to have tried it and become a member.
This gym is fantastic, it has excellent atmosphere with highly supportive and experienced instructors. I felt instantly at ease during my first class and look forward each new session. My Muay Thai journey with this gym has been great!
Great gym! Great Community. From the very first time I set foot in the gym, I felt right at home. The facilities are super clean. The class schedule is super reasonable, and Coach Derek is an excellent teacher.
I joined Burning Spirits with little knowledge of Muay Thai, but it has quickly become one of my favorite places to be. The coaches are great, and the environment is very welcoming to all students regardless of background or skill level. The gym is clean and well maintained, and you can tell that the coaches are dedicated to providing a positive experience for their students. Joining this gym has given me countless physical and mental health benefits, and I've met some awesome people through training here. Whether you're looking to try a new hobby, get into better shape, or fight competitively, Burning Spirits has you covered.
Burning Spirits is a very welcoming atmosphere for all levels of experience. I’ve enjoyed my first few weeks as a beginner and everyone has been very helpful
10 out of 10 gym. Thorough classes with alot of attention from the instructors. Great gym for beginners and pros. Excellent enviorment. Do not miss out!!
Such an awesome gym! Great coaches who are very patient, precise and help you be better every single class. Gave me confidence in ways I didn’t even know I needed. Highly recommend!
The coaches at Burning Spirits love Muay Thai and it shows in how they run their gym. They truly care about their students and teaching them proper form while still having fun. The bag classes are great for cardio and you will definitely sweat. They created a nice community where I feel comfortable going even though I'm not a typical "fit" person.
Whether you're looking for authentic Muay Thai training or just looking to cook up a sweat slugging on a bag, Burning Spirits is the spot for you. Derek and his team are knowledgable about the art and have created a clean and welcoming environment with a vibrant community to boot. With roots to a Thai gym (as well as an annual Thailand gym), Burning Spirits is a traditional Muay Thai vibe with a Fishtown Hardcore twist. You don't need to commit up front - check out the 3 day introductory course (they provide the gloves) to see if it's the right fit for you 🙂
I joined the gym with zero Muay Thai experience. My goal was to get into shape for my wedding. Not only do you get a great full body workout, there really is something special about the gym. Derek and all of the coaches go out of their way to cultivate an environment of hard work and fun with a sense of community. Cannot recommend more highly.
I can't say enough good things about my experience at Burning Spirits. The atmosphere is so welcoming, even for a beginner like myself. Joining a fighting gym can be really intimidating, but I felt comfortable here from day one. The coaches and other members are super friendly, everyone pushes each other to do better and celebrates one another's successes. Also- the gym is super clean and has tons of equipment. There are bags/gear for boxing but also weights if you want to strength train between classes. I highly recommend Burning Spirits, I honestly can't imagine going to any other fighting gym.
Been a member at the gym for a few months. Derek is a great coach to work with and always keeps the classes exciting. I especially love the bag classes. Gym is always spotless and working with the other students is excellent. If you are in the Fishtown area this is a great place to train. Check them out!
Absolutely sick Muay Thai gym; coaches are awesome and lessons have made me rediscover my love of martial arts.
If you’re interested in learning traditional Thai based Muay Thai, this is your spot. Amazing coaches, stellar training partners with a weekly changing curriculum to keep you focused on learning techniques instead of feeling like you’re muscling through slap box matches.
Having zero experience in martial arts, I decided to go to the free trial class, and felt immediately welcomed. I've been a member for the last month or so, and it's been such a great experience, even as a beginner. Between the experienced coaches, wonderful community, and the satisfying workouts, I have nothing to say but great things about Burning Spirits.
Burning spirits is a great gym. I started on a 6 week trial and tried as many classes as I could, ive always learned and the coaches are great. I'm going to continue training here as long as I can.
Fantastic gym and amazing coaches! A lot of open space and plenty of heavy bags to utilize. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable of the martial art and of the culture, and they do a great job of passing that knowledge down to their students.There's a great curriculum in place that allows beginners to learn and practice a basic foundation each week (boxing, kicks, knees and elbows, defense, etc.). For more experienced students, advanced techniques are also taught in rotation. There are even dedicated classes for strength/conditioning, and heavy bags.Learning Muay Thai at Burning Spirits has been an incredible experience so far. Looking forward to the next class!
Burning Spirits is a very welcoming gym, clean and filled with people who are eager to learn and have fun together! I’m so happy I found it and suggest it to everyone who is interested in training in Muay Thai!
Awesome gym, teachers are all very attentive and fellow students are super friendly and incredibly helpful. I always leave confident and excited to come back again.
I joined Burning Spirits for over a year now! I can not say good things about this place!! the students are super friendly, cooperative, and helpful! The coaches are wonderful and helpful they want you to keep you on your A game!! This gym is more of a community which I really love about this place!!! If you really love Muay Thai kickboxing, your going to fall in love with this place!!! its the best!! come join!!! 🙂
I couldn't agree more with other reviewers! Burning Spirits is such a great place to learn Muay Thai.I feel lucky that my first martial art experience is sooo good. I've never done anything like this before and I see such an impressive result after doing it for 2 months. Big thanks to our coaches as they are always there to help!Other awesome things about this place: super friendly community, only positive vibes, huge motivation boost and visible abs in a short time as a bonus 👊PS: very appreciated that you keep the gym clean! Idk what aroma stuff you use but it always smells so good in there!
It's a wonder how far you will come at Burning Spirits. Coach Derek & his team do an excellent job meeting you where you are & guiding you through each technique. They are with you every step of the way as you master the basics and later progress into more advanced training.Eight months ago, when I first started, I had 0 experience with Muay Thai. That feels like a lifetime ago because of how much I've learned. You'll get in great shape, learn to protect yourself, & gain confidence. Your money & time will be well spent here.
Burning Spirits is an incredible muay thai gym and community for students of all levels. I truly feel like I learn or improve on something in every class, and will continue to. I really appreciate that the coaches are attentive to students’ strengths & style, and that there is an emphasis on learning and appreciating some of the cultural traditions and history of muay thai too. Cannot recommend the gym highly enough, whether you’re a new student or more experienced— the environment is always welcoming & supportive, including in more challenging classes or sparring sessions. Very grateful to have found this place! For anyone who hasn’t tried muay thai or boxing before, give a few classes a try & you’ll probably fall in love with this sport!!
I’ve been going here since April and it’s amazing! The coaches are super friendly, very hands on with training and good with keeping you on your A game. The class format rotates weekly which makes things interesting. Love being part of this gym and community!
I joined Burning Spirit having 0 experience in Muay Thai and then 9 months later competed in my first ever fight. Burning Spirits is a great place no matter what level you are at, from beginner to advanced, there is a class for everyone. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to teach no matter what level you are at. The coaches are amazing and love what they do. The health benefits are amazing as well and has helped me lose over 20lbs. The community Burning Spirits has built and the students that attend make every class fun and something to look forward to. Highly recommend!
Burning Spirits Muay Thai is the gym experience I didn't know I needed. This gym boasts the ability to be a true neighborhood gym as well as a connection to a globally adored and ancient combat sport. Come here to learn the art of eight limbs, get fit, and make friends in the city. You can train at your own pace but once you start, you won't get enough. This gym offers an easy to understand rotating curriculum with classes of differing intensities and for people at different experience levels, so there's something for everyone at any part of their journey with Thai boxing.
I can’t say enough good things about Burning Spirits. Whether you’re a beginner or professional fighter, the coaching and community of students are great place to learn authentic Thai boxing.
Burning Spirits is wonderful! As someone who had never done Muay Thai or anything like it before, I have had a wonderful experience. Coaches Derek and Lisa are patient and guide you through everything you need to know. Its really awesome to learn new skills while also getting a great workout. I highly recommend everyone who is thinking about it to give this gym a try!
Been training various forms of combat sports for years. As soon as you walk in you know you are surrounded by good people with an expert coach in a clean gym. Whether you are looking to up your fitness or fine tune your striking game I highly recommend Burning Spirits.
A great place for anyone just starting (or continuing) their Muay Thai training. Coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate and it definitely translates into each class. The gym is incredibly supportive and filled with great people. You're constantly learning and improving with everyone you train with.
This is a great place with awesome coaching, a clean facility, and friendly members.
Coaches Derek and Lisa are super knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about Muay Thai - it shows! The classes are fun and high-energy, and the place/equipment is clean. Even when there's a lot of people in the class, the coaches are always there to answer any questions. Highly recommended!
Amazing coaches and an addictive craft! Highly recommend starting out here no matter what level you are.
I went to a women's self defense class here and it was awesome. Welcoming and friendly to beginners. Easy to get to if you're in the city, a block away from the Berks stop on the El. Very clean and respectful of Covid rules. Fun place to be. Learned a lot of useful moves. Inclusive environment. Good for people of all shapes, sizes and skill level. Would definitely go again. ❤
This is an amazing gym. Lisa and Derek are as knowledgeable as they come are so great with both instruction and motivation.Whether you're looking to fight professionally or never put on a pair of gloves before, there's a class for everyone. The culture is very welcoming and I feel extremely fortunate to have found such an awesome gym.If you're in the Philly area, don't hesitate to stop by and try out a class.
what a great Muay Thai gym! Industrial looking vibe, but very clean and orderly. Lisa and Derek are awesome instructors. A perfect mix of consistent coaching to help improve everything you do, and done with such a supportive and enthusiastic attitude. The place has ample changing rooms, bathrooms and even a shower! Can't wait to return!
Authentic Muay Thai with multiple levels of training for the newly curious to professional fighter. The space is bright, the mats are comfortable, and clean. Coaches are welcoming and I never feel out of place. Parking is easy. If you are reading the reviews, forget the hesitation you wont regret it.
I've learned under and trained with Kru Derek and Kru Lisa at other gyms for the last few years and was stoked to find out that they were opening their own gym. They're great teachers with complimentary teaching and fighting styles and I learn a lot from them. I always feel comfortable, supported, and pushed.
Authentic Sityodtong style Muay Thai. Derek and Lisa are excellent instructors
This place is awesome! I have trained with both Kru Derek and Lisa in the past and have to say they are some of the best instructors I have ever had. Derek is super patient and technical, he literally teaches you from the ground up so that your balance is always ready. I had trained Muay thai for years before training with him and never realized how crucial this was. Lisa is also a fantastic teacher and has fought some of the biggest names in her weight class, and won. Both of them make a real effort to ensure everyone in the gym feels comfortable and welcome regardless of skill level. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn true Muay Thai, especially how to technically dominate with sweeps, clinch, and proper elbows.
I have had the privilege of training with Kru Derrick for awhile. Both him and Kru Lisa are amazing teachers and people. They have created a very positive space that allows everyone beginners to seasoned veterans to grow and learn. The are continually expanding their own personal tool box and sharing their wealth of knowledge with others. Seriously if you want continue to grow and better yourself menrally and physically check out Burning Spirits!!!!
The best! I have trained with Kru Derek for several years and can't say enough good things. His enthusiasm for Muay Thai is infectious and is matched only by his deep expertise in all facets of the sport. He is encouraging to his students while also focusing on precise technique, striking a great balance between being both challenging and motivating. While a great all-around instructor, his knowledge of clinching and sweeping techniques is a real differentiator, as these often receive less attention in Western Muay Thai.


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