Muay Thai boxers are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world. Muay Thai training sessions are intense workouts. At BURNING SPIRITS we train the way fighters in Thailand train.

Through our Muay Thai, Fighter Fitness, and Heavy Bag classes, students get in top physical shape. Many of our students have lost 15 to 30 pounds in their first 10 months. Almost everyone comes to us a complete beginner. We will teach you everything you need to know. BOOK YOUR FREE TRIAL.



“Fighter’s Fitness has helped me to improve my strength and mobility which has had a positive impact on my Muay Thai training. By regularly attending this class, I feel stronger, more balanced and better able to learn the complicated nuances of Muay Thai techniques.”

– Brie G. Project Manager

“The coaches at BurningSpirits are awesome! I came to the gym with minimal experience and love to see the progression every month thanks to the diligent coaching. I recommend the gym from no experience to the seasoned vet.  Nothing beats a good class, both physically and mentally!”

– Jeff V. Physical Therapist

“As a student with no boxing or martial arts experience, the Foundations classes have been the most valuable series for me. Techniques are broken down in easy to understand explanations to ensure that I develop good form. I also love that the curriculum rotates on individual subjects each week.”

– Margaret N. Architect

“I am so glad this gym is in my neighborhood! I am new to Muay Thai, and the coaches have been very supportive. The other students are motivated and encouraging, and it’s fun to work on the skills together.  “

– Julie R. Nurse