Why Muay Thai Is Good For You



Muay Thai is an excellent strengthening and conditioning exercise. With such intense sessions, you quickly improve fitness and get stronger. Learn About Becoming Stronger.


There are times when you can’t just walk away, and Muay Thai is brutally effective in those situations. The Muay Thai elbow strikes can be thrown in close-range with the ability to finish a threatening confrontation fast, while the push kick can be used defensively to push off an attack. Learn How To Defend Yourself.


If you want to lose weight, Muay Thai training will help to burn the calories more effectively than cardio-based exercises like running or spinning. Muay Thai fighters are some of the leanest and strongest athletes in the world. Read More.

I love that the curriculum rotates on individual subjects each week, and that the classes build over time. It is a series that grows with me as I progress in my practice.
Margaret N.


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