Mixed Martial Arts

We provide realistic and effective Mixed Martial Arts training for any situation. Our no-nonsense approach to fitness and self defense will leave you feeling more confident than ever.

Our Muay Thai program teaches effective striking techniques that are applicable to MMA. Students learn to use knees, kicks, elbows, and clinch in realistic training situations.

At Burning Spirits, we train with some of the best MMA fighters in the country. Their success is in part due to their exceptional Muay Thai and striking skills. You will learn the same techniques with the same level of attention in our program.

Our gym provides a safe and welcoming environment to to learn MMA. The majority of our students are interested in learning a martial art, and getting physically fit. Most are not competitors.

We’re experienced teaching beginner martial arts students. We focus on the basics. The basics are your foundations for everything else. You will learn step by step, in a curriculum designed to take a student from the Beginner level to a Mastery level

All programs are curriculum and level based. You will love seeing the progress you’re making at each step of your journey. You will be prepared and evaluated on a regular basis to keep your skills in line with your current curriculum.

Try three free classes

Come try three free Mixed Martial Arts classes with a highly experienced trainer. All ages, skill levels, and genders are welcome. Please provide contact information, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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