The honeymoon is over. Establishing mental discipline in Muay Thai and fitness training is necessary for achieving your goals,

Hard is mental, it’s not physical. Mental is having the discipline to make the right decisions that will make you better, (Jocko Wilink). Your mind will quit before your body does.”Too hot”, “too cold”, “too sore”, “too tired”, “too far” are self defeating thoughts that we can control with discipline. These thoughts have no place in your program. Your program is ones and zeros. Yes or no. Do you want to reach your Muay Thai and fitness goals? Then you create a training schedule, and let nothing get in the way of it.Control your environment.

Pack your gym bag the night before, pack your snacks for the car, go to bed early. These are all mental disciplines that will allow you to train on your own schedule, Hard is mental, not physical, Adopt a mantra. Mine was “my boss just got 8 hours from me, Muay Thai now gets at least two.”

No matter what’s coming down on you, remain in charge of your own life. If you want to be Superlek, train three hours a day five days a week. If you want to feel good, and see some friends, train twice per week, but don’t let the outsworld prevent you from being who you want to be.
Burning Spirits offers all the tools you need with our curriculum, goal setting, and ranking system, Now get after it.

The Burning Spirits Muay Thai Team