How to pre-register for your classes

Pre-registering for your Burning Spirits Muay Thai classes is easy with our MyStudio mobile app. See below for instructions on how to install the mobile app, and use to pre-regiter.

*** At this time you only need to pre-register for Fitness Kickboxing ***

How it works

Download The App

You can easily manage your account, communicate with us, and purchase services or products from any device with our member app.

STEP 1 Download the Apple App orGoogle App

STEP 2 Type “17orHI” for the studio code.

STEP 3 Log in with Facebook, Google, or your Email.

OPTIONAL Log in through a web browser or desktop here .

Studio Name: Burning Spirits Muay Thai

Studio Number: 17orHI

Register for class

STEP 1 From the home screen select the 3 bar menu in the lower right corner

STEP 2 Select “Class Schedule”.

STEP 3 Select “View All”

STEP 4 Click on the class name that you want to pre-register for. At this time you only need to pre-register for “Fitness Kickboxing”

STEP 5 Select your name

STEP 6 At the bottom of the screen click the green “register” button

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