coaching and goal review

mastery coaching approach

We practice a mastery coaching philosophy where students are motivated to achieve because of a positive desire to succeed instead of negative reinforcement or fear of critical situations. We want our students to be 1% better than yesterday because of their intrinsic motivation, not fear. With the right guidance and instruction, students will perform at their best without the need for negative coaching tactics.

goal setting and review

Each Burning Spirits student comes to us with unique goals. Instead of “i want to get stronger” or “i want to learn Muay Thai”, we help students define specifics, and then create measurable, action plans. By reviewing goals on a periodic basis, students are able to adjust, and create new goals as they progress.

ranking system

Burning Spirits students learn Muay Thai through our proven curriculum based programming. Student progress is measured using our pradjit based ranking system. Students start in our Beginner curriculum, and with consistent training of 2 -3 times per week, will progress into our more physically and technically challenging Advanced curriculum.