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Our gym provides a safe and welcoming environment to to learn. The majority of our students are interested in learning a martial art, and getting physically fit. Most are not competitors.

We’re experienced teaching beginner martial arts students. We focus on the basics. The basics are your foundations for everything else. You will learn step by step, in a curriculum designed to take a student from the Beginner level to a Mastery level.

All programs are curriculum and level based. You will love seeing the progress you’re making at each step of your Muay Thai journey. You will be prepared and evaluated on a regular basis to keep your skills in line.

Lead healthier, confident, and empowered lives

Physical & mental strength, confidence & a supportive community


Burning Spirits lineage is to the world famous Grand Master Kru Yodtong Senanan and the Sityodtong Muay Thai camp located in Pattaya Thailand. Our coaches have been trained by some of the best trainers in Thailand, and their direct descendants here in the US.

what is muay thai

Muay Thai is a highly dynamic and intense sport that combines various striking techniques with clinching and sweeping techniques. It emphasizes using all parts of the body as weapons and incorporates both punches and kicks, making it a versatile and effective fighting style. Get started today with our Quick Start program.

burning spirits lineage

Burning Spirits Muay Thai is has a direct lineage to the world famous Sityodtong Muay Thai training camp and gym located in Pattaya, Thailand. Our coaches have been traveling to Sityodtong annually for over 15 years to learn, and bring back that knowledge to our students.

Sityodtong was founded by the legendary Kru Yodtong Senanan, who is considered one of the most influential figures in the world of Muay Thai. Sityodtong Muay Thai has gained a reputation for producing top-level fighters and champions in the sport. Get started today.

our muay thai style

Muay Femur, also known as Muay Femur Style, is a specific style or approach within the realm of Muay Thai. It is characterized by its emphasis on technical mastery, finesse, and strategic execution of techniques. The term "Femur" refers to the thigh bone, and in the context of Muay Thai, it represents the powerful and precise kicks delivered by fighters who adopt this style. Get started today with our Quick Start program.

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